We offer quality counselling providing study options in various as well as prestigious institutions available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Dubai, Singapore, Italy and all other countries. We are offering scholarship programs as well for deserving candidates with benefits up-to $30,000.

We offer programs as well as colleges for the students who have previous refusals in the study permit applications and increase the chances of getting them to their dream destination.

If you are looking to determine the proper school to attend and how to apply to study at the school, we can assist you. We will assist you in the following:

1. School Acceptance

We first assess students on the basis of their credentials. Then we will determine which institution to attend and select a program to study. Once that is established, we will assist you in finding out what the minimum requirements will be for the institution(s) chosen.

2. Study Permit

We can assist you in your study permit application
after you have received your school acceptance.

3. Permanent Residency

We can assist you in determining your eligibility in becoming a Canadian Permanent Residency, either before, during or after your schooling. Having permanent residency can be advantages in a number of different ways, including lower tuition fees.